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  1. Open to all students in good standing with matriculating credits. 
  2. Schedule is flexible. Most leagues have games once a week. 
  3. Open to all genders! 
  4. You form your own teams (friends, greek life, organizations, residence halls, etc...). You can also register as an individual aka "free agent" and you will be placed on a team.
  5. Registration for leagues, events, and fitness programs is easy. You can do so online ( or via mobile app (IM Leagues). For easy directions, please see here


Where can I register for Intramurals?

You can register for the sport, event, or activity of interest through our IM Leagues page or our through the IM Leagues App. You will be required to create a profile using your valid NYU Net ID in order to register. For easy guidance on registering, see here.  

Where are games played?

Because of the unique campus that is NYU, Intramural games and events occur in several locations depending on the activity. Locations range from our own NYU facilities - 404 Fitness, Palladium Athletic Facility, and the Brooklyn Athletic Facility - to various outside and nearby facilities, as well as local parks and sites throughout the city. Please check the facilities section to see where your sport/activity is scheduled to take place.

Is there a fee to participate in Intramurals?

Nope! No charge! FREE! FREE! FREE!

We know how amazing that sounds for you as a student. Again, NO. CHARGE!

When are Intramural games played?

Intramural games vary throughout the week depending on the sport or activity that is being played. It can take place on weeknights for programs such as basketball and volleyball, Fridays for soccer or football, or on Sundays for softball. It is recommended that you check the dates and times for the league of your interest during registration.   

How many teams can I play on?

You are allowed to play on only one team per sport/event. Excepetions will be made for participants playing on a men's team or women's team as well as on a Co-Rec team in the same sport. 

What does "Co-Rec" mean?

Co-Rec simply means that men AND women participate in the same league, usually with specific restrictions (e.g. minimum amount of men or women on roster or on the field/court). 

Open leagues include both men and women WITHOUT any roster or competitive restrictions. 

Is there a dress code?

Yes! All intramural participants are required to wear sports/athletic/fitness attire, which includes non-marking sneakers and shorts or sweat pants in competition. No jewelry, hats, scarfs, jackets, or boating shoes are allowed.  

I don't have a team, can I still participate in Intramurals?

Absolutely! Students who do not have teams are considered "free agents". All free agents can find and join teams who are looking for additional players on IM Leagues, or will be placed on a random team looking for additional players before league play begins.

We take pride in our free agent system and placing others on teams that they will have a great experience. It's a great and exciting way to meet new people here at NYU!  

Do I need equipment?

Most sports and/or activities will have equipment provided. However, certain sports, like softball (e.g. gloves/mitts) or  tennis (e.g. rackets), will require you to bring your own equipment. 

Is transportation provided?

Yes AND No. 

Transportation is provided for the Fall offerings of Outdoor Soccer and Flag Football, as well as the Spring offerings of softball. All other offerings, events, and leagues will require participants traveling to the nearby game site on their own. 

Should there be a change, and transportation is provided, it will be announced. 

How do I find out when my team is playing?

All scheduled game times, standings, and core information can be seen on your IM Leagues account. Schedules are posted in advance, and are usually updated every Sunday prior to the playing week.

You can also select to request reminders via text, through the app, or by linking the game schedule to your personal Google calendar for convenience. 

What is the level of experience in Intramurals?

The range of experience in any given sport or activity can range from former semi-pro or Division I athlete to an individual picking up the sport for the very first time. The majority of participants fall somewhere in between.  

Do not be intimidated or disappointed by this!  Some leagues offer different divisions for those looking for either competitive or recreational play. And most importantly, the atmosphere and vibe for most intramural games are super supportive and welcoming. 

What is the level of commitment for NYU Intramurals?

We expect you to devote your entire being to NYU Intramurals. We're kidding! 

You or your team will be scheduled once a week in any given sport or fitness program (twice for those who request it), and games are usually about one hour. Our schedules are very flexible as we value Intramurals being a part of your student experience, wellness and development, NOT the entire thing. 

Sports aren't really my thing. Are there any other ways to stay active through NYU Intramurals?

Absolutely! Besides our traditional sports, we offer an array of fitness programs - we recommend Intra-Fit, Intra-Run, and Rock Wall - as well as popular events such as the Powerlift Meet that offer programs, outlets, and communities for those who prefer their physical activity in other ways away from the courts and fields. 

I am interested in working for Intramurals, what should I do?

We appreciate your interest! We work hard, but of course, have tons of fun as a staff, and we hope it reflects in the program we provide. 

If you are interested in coming aboard, please see here